"With Pomp, Power & Glory the world beckons vainly, In chase of such vanities why should I roam?While Peace & Content bless my little thatched cottage,And warm my own hearth with the Treasures of Home."*Beatrix Potter

Friday 19 December 2014

A Traditional Cottage Christmas

We have been busy preparing for the Christmas season here at our cottage.
The garden is very quiet this time of year & I have been out collecting Holly & Ivy for decorating the cottage. As I look out of the window it seems I was just in time as now the berries are mostly gone, we will have some very full little robins with big bellies.
The squirrels are still busy burying their nuts & giving great amusement to George who watches them from the window.

All the gifts are now wrapped & cards & presents delivered so all we have to do is to stay at home & enjoy the season together.
The children have some Christmas crafts to do & I have much to bake. It is nice to be at home & not be out in the modern rush of Christmas.
Times gone by are so much more appealing to us especially at Christmas time.

The front of our cottage, under the tiles we have a lovely thatched roof.
The tall black box next to the middle window is a Georgian water pump.

Making Gingerbread for Christmas Eve tea.

We always make this recipe for Christmas, it is a family favourite & it freezes so well.
The recipe comes from an old 1930's Bero flour booklet.

The twins practising their handwriting while I bake.

Once it defrosts I drizzle icing on top & cut it in to Squares.
We will have this for Christmas Eve tea with all the family.

The girls made some Christmas hats for Christmas Day lunch.
I couldn't find hats to go inside the crackers this year so they decided to make their own.

Cawthorpe Christmas Tree Farm.
We love to go to the farm & get a fresh tree, the smell is wonderful.

On Tuesday evening we had a carol service at our little church.
The girls made holly baskets to decorate the font, it was so nice to see all the childrens decorations.

The girls decorating the church tree ready for the carol service.

Brownies for the carol service.
We had a beautiful service, it is wonderful to get together to celebrate Christmas with the other villagers.
Everyone brings a plate of treats to enjoy after the service.
The children did a little play, it was so lovely to see them all telling the Christmas story.

I got a beautiful surprise in the post last week.
My dear friend Maggie who lives in Ireland sent me a lovely Father Christmas she made for me for Christmas.
She is so very talented, I will treasure him.
Doesn't he look wonderful standing there on the little green stool.

Simple Christmas decorations.
Holly & Ivy from the garden.

The parlour.
This year I put some Holly & Ivy in some of my Georgian tea cups using oasis, they turned out just the right size for the mantle.

Antique pewter on the kitchen dresser.

Andy's Great Grandfather's piano has a special place.
Above the piano are portraits of my Great Great Grandparent's on my Grandmother's side.

Our Christmas tree from the farm.
The parlour just smells of Christmas now the tree is up.

Our Antique glass baubles & Victorian tree candle holders.
Each year I find another bauble for our collection.
The children find such joy in taking the tissue paper off each bauble & remembering them, the father Christmas & little bird are among their favourites.
I mix these with orange slices, popcorn & cranberry garlands.

Cranberry muffins for Christmas Day breakfast.
The cranberries always look so pretty this time of year.

All ready for the freezer.
They will be a nice & easy treat for Christmas morning.

I made a Holly & Ivy ball this year & hung it from the main beam in the hall.
I saw it on the BBC Cranford production & thought I would try to make one especially as we have an abundance of evergreens.

Grandad's dresser.
We are so lucky to have the original brick floors throughout most of the cottage.

The Christmas cake all done just waiting for it's red ribbon to go around it.
I always use royal icing to go over the marzipan.
We like to eat ours with a slice of strong chedder cheese, this is a Yorkshire tradition. My Dad & his family were all from Yorkshire.

To my dear readers I wish you a Merry Christmas & a happy & healthy New Year.
May you all have a special time with friends & family celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Seasons Greetings.
Fondly Michelle