"With Pomp, Power & Glory the world beckons vainly, In chase of such vanities why should I roam?While Peace & Content bless my little thatched cottage,And warm my own hearth with the Treasures of Home."*Beatrix Potter

Saturday 6 September 2014

A Beautiful Day's Outing ~ Part Two

It is a dull day this morning in England, I have got my bread rising & thought I would get my second post about Beamish done.

After the town we took an old bus to the Pit Village. It is lovely down there in the valley, there is a row of miner's cottages, an old school, coal mine, vegetable gardens, church, pit pony stables, coal fired fish & chip shop & farm animals.

In one of the pit cottages they were making vegetable soup on the cast iron range. It smelled so good.
These cottages have a kitchen & then a parlour downstairs, there would have been the parent's, grandparent's & many children living in these cottage's. Sometimes the parlour had a bed in it.

                                                     Such a lovely amount of vegetable's.

             These turnips were so large, they use all the vegetables to cook in the cottages.

    We bought some of these ash split rail fences when we went to The Georgian Fair at beamish earlier in the year. We have used them for dividing the area in our vegetable garden.  The row of cottages is called Francis Street, they originally came from Wearside.

The twins are enjoying Black Beauty at the moment so the rocking horse in the school was really enjoyed.

                                      We could do with some of these little desks at home.

                                                              Danny with the twins.
                                                  We could have left them there all day.

         The girls have some of these slates at home, they really enjoyed the school building.

                             Two of the trams on the way back up for the Pit village.

On our way to the carousel.

If you talk to the Kitty & Mary about Beamish the first thing they will say is can we go on the carousel. At the moment it is one of the best things in the world to them.

 Better get back to my bread.
Home Farm will be in the next post.


  1. You are making me want to visit Beamish! I also want to return to Saint Fagans {the Welsh Folk Museum near Cardiff} where there is a similar row of six miners cottages, each representing a different era of mining life in the Valleys.
    I think I'm with Kitty and Mary ~ carousel please
    I think I can smell your delicious bread ~ May I have a slice, thickly spread with butter and some good Cheddar and home made strawberry jam? ~~~waving~~~

    1. I would love to visit the Welsh Folk Museum, maybe next year. The Black Country Museum is on our list for next year, it is a couple of hours away.
      So glad you are enjoying the posts.
      Fondly Michelle

  2. Hello Dearest Michelle!
    More BEAUTIFUL pics!!
    I was thinking about Kate Greenway's art when I look at the girls and you in your pretty dresses! :-)
    Have a lovely weekend!!
    Blessings, warmth and Hugs, Linnie

    1. Some one said to me in an antique shop the other day that looks like a Kate Greenway dress. The girls have some of her books, in fact they have so many books we need to find them a bigger book case.
      Enjoy you weekend too.
      Fondly Michelle

  3. It is so wonderful that you're capturing your family outings and daily doings on this Blog. It will be a real treasure in the years to come. And the rest of us get to tag along!

  4. Hi Michelle.. I so enjoyed your posts about the lovely village.. Gave me a yen to go to our Kings Landing which we do each Fall so that I can get my fix.. lol...
    Your children are all so sweet and I love their dresses..
    Hope your bread turns out and I will be right over for tea.. grin..
    I wish... xo

  5. Another lovely post. Kitty and Mary look so pretty, and fit very well into the surroundings with their lovely dresses. I want to go to Beamish even more now!

  6. My husband is from Carnforth, near Lancaster, and Beamish is one of the places we always said we'd visit whenever we go back to England to visit family and friends. We have never gotten around to going, but now it will definitely be put on the list. It looks like a really fun day out and I regret not having taken the time to make it there yet! Thank you for the lovely 2nd post!

  7. What a lovely carousel! I remember about 20 years ago, my cousin who is an artist was restoring carousel horses that were from a carousel from England. They were so lovely! I just love carousel horses:-)

  8. Hello Suzanne,
    The twins love the carousel so much, I do not think there are many left now.
    Fondly Michelle